My name is Hans Zirngast. I am an European Artist and Designer is my Design related website. Parts of my work are listed on the website of my Hans Zirngast Design Studio. You can also see some works and read about current and future projects in my Atelier Hans Zirngast.

Hans Zirngast

Architecture, art, archeology, design, photography, fashion and history are some of the topics I am interested in. As a friend of lifelong learning I am a passionate learner. I read lots of books and like to listen to interesting podcasts. I will share some interesting content like reviews or comments via my Hans Zirngast - Blog.

Connect with me via Social Media Websites and Apps like Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, Instagram etc:

Me on Twitter: @hanszirngast

Small parts of my works on Instagram: Hans Zirngast - Instagram @hanszirngast. Some graphic design artworks based on simplicity: @_hanszirngast. I will share more in future.

Me (as person) on Instagram: Hans Zirngast - @hans_zirngast.